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UTR Series LED Downlight

BoscoLighting's UTR Ultra-thin Downlight is made to recess into ceilings without worrying about what it might affect above.

At less than 30mm thick it can be placed under air-conditioning ducts, cabling and pipes or in very narrow ceiling spaces.

Offering a wide beam, compact size and options of Cool White, Neutral White or Warm White colour temperatures, the UTR shallow LED downlights can be used in houses, offices, hallways or meeting rooms projects. 

It is even optionally dimmable, making it a very versatile light.

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LED Downlight Features

  • Range from 3W to 18W, applicable from stair walls to conference rooms
  • Optional in Warm White, Neutral White, Cool White (3000K/4000K/6000K)
  • Low heat generated, optional in dimming compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • LED Driver Included
  • Supplied with Flex & Plug

Ultra-thin Downlight Range


3w LED Downlight


Cutout: D70


6W LED Downlight


Cutout: D105


9W LED Downlight


Cutout: D125


12W LED Downlight


Cutout: D155


18W LED Downlight


Cutout: D205