External Lighting 

Our extensive range of high quality products can suit your architectural, industrial and commercial applications.

Landscape & Garden Lighting

BoscoLighting has everything you need for your exterior lighting projects. Whether you're looking to light the way and save energy with decorative garden lights, we have the styles and selection to light up the night.

A collection of Inground Uplight, Underwater Pond Light, Path Lighting, Spike Spotlight, Step Light, Brick Light, Exterior Wall lights and so much more. Any of these can be used to effectively illuminate your outdoor space while maximising energy efficiency.

Browse our versatile external lighting range, we can help you every step of the way. 

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outdoor inground lights

Garden Inground Lights

Various shapes optionsRoundSquare or Rectangular. These inground lights are recessed into the ground so no worries if kids are actively playing outside and you want a seamless installation.

Outdoor bollard lighting

Outdoor Bollard Lights

Plenty of styles to choose from - add a touch of style and functionality to outdoor projects or urban amenity lighting applications. 

Outdoor Spike lights

Outdoor Spike Lights

To highlight the beauty of your trees, garden bushes and sculptures, the garden spike lights are perfect for the task! 

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Outdoor Wall Lights

External wall lights are a stylish and practical option to light up the exterior of homes. The right choice of outdoor wall lights can provide a decorative design feature and serve many important functions including sufficient brightness, ambient highlights and outdoor security at night.  

Facade Lighting
18W LED linear wall washer for RGB outdoor lighting

BLWW-LW4050-18 is a linear wash effect light that produces a great wash of White Light or Colour Light, great for washing flat surfaces. 

RGB building exterior light

BLSTAGE200-RGB features strobe, fading, flash, dimming modes and has sound-activated built-in programs. 

Outdoor High Power Wall Washer Lights

RITZ Wall Washer Series is a professional LED Architectural projector, designed for refined wall-washing, compatible with various dimming technologies.

24Wx3 LED linear wall washer for RGB outdoor lighting

BL-LW05-90RGB is able to operate in modes such as Auto, DMX, stand-alone and master-slave at the touch of a button.

Outdoor Lighting for Car park

Post lighting fixtures for outdoor car parks or weather-proof luminaires in the canopied area can improve security and night-time visibility in the exterior car parks.

These carpark lights can be integrated with motion sensors or emergency backup.

Outdoor car park lighting in canopy area
Module Batten for car parks

Available in standard & emergency options

Bulkhead LED for car parks and corridors

Available in standard & emergency options

Decorative street lights for outdoor car parks

Pole-top light fixtures for outdoor car parks 

Street light for outdoor car parks

Street light with high performance  

Outdoor Walkway and Pathway Lighting

Exterior walkway lights for entrances and paths can ensure safe access at night, also deliver unique and unforgettable first impressions for exterior areas. LED outdoor pathway lights, including inground lights, brick lights, and bulkhead lights are the ideal solution for illuminating gardens or terraces.

Check more path lights
Module Batten for car parks

BLLL-PH1-03 multi-direction path lights with openings including 1, 2, 3 or 4 ways

Bulkhead LED for car parks and corridors

BLLL-BRSM-06 surface mounted ultra-thin brick lights

Decorative street lights for outdoor car parks

BLLL-STEP5-03 Step Lights with Plain, Grill, Triangle and Arrow faceplate options

Street light for outdoor car parks

BLLL-BR1-05 Indirect Brick Lights

External Lighting by BoscoLighting

Our outdoor lights can provide fantastic ambient lighting to your outdoor environments. They also add a layer of security to your places as well. With IP65/67 weather protection, they are perfect for applications in gardens, drains, driveways or even colour washing at trees. Constructed from high-quality aluminium or stainless steel materials, they are very tough.

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