Commercial Lighting

Our Commercial LED Lights are designed for all types of businesses, such as offices, cafes, retail, shopping centres, hotels and more.

Commercial LED Lights

BoscoLighting is a leading commercial lighting supplier offering a wide range of commercial lighting products for office buildings, retail spaces, restaurants, educational facilities and other commercial lighting applications.

As a specialist LED manufacturer in Sydney, we supply a variety of high quality LED lights that are trusted for their durability by electrical contractors, architects, designers and leading electrical wholesalers.

Contact our in-house LED Lighting Specialists for a quote today! We can provide practical commercial LED lighting solutions to suit your business’s needs. 

Whether you are designing lighting schemes for new commercial venues or updating an existing business, BoscoLighting can deliver personalized lighting services to ensure a great look at the right price.

As an innovative commercial LED lighting manufacturer, we are able to customise products and offer expert advice to businesses and building owners, wholesalers, architects and specifiers. We also supply to schools, universities, hospitals as well as other Government bodies.

Our LED products are available to the public through our network electrical distributors and lighting wholesalers across Australia. Explore to find your local wholesaler

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LED Commercial Office Lighting

BoscoLighting manufactures a broad range of commercial office lighting to support sustainability and employee wellness initiatives, reinforce company branding and help reduce energy usage and costs.

Our commercial products are designed to cover all commercial lighting applications, from building façade to interiors. Product options vary from traditional recessed luminaires to direct/indirect pendant lighting products.

Commercial LED lights can make a difference in workers' satisfaction and productivity. Unlike the conventional commercial lights, our products can illuminate the entire area without causing glare. With over a hundred types to choose from, we always have a practical commercial office lighting solution that caters to your requirements.

With optional integration of intelligent controlled dimming systems, our lights can be adjusted to output the right amount of light to suit the time of day requirements, further saving on electricity bills.

Call BoscoLighting today to find out how commercial office lighting can transform your office into a vibrant and productive workplace.

LED Retail & Shop Lighting

Do you have a retail shop lighting project coming up? Our LED Lighting Specialists are highly experienced in creating trendy and unique LED lighting solutions for shopping centres, retail outlets & shops.

The layout and design of commercial LED lighting is an essential element in the marketing mix for any retail space. Perfect lighting can create positive customer experiences and encourage sales.

BoscoLighting offers a huge selection of commercial retail lighting to make the most of all store locations from the merchandise on display to the cashier’s desk.

Choosing an LED with a high CRI (colour rendering index) performance helps the products appear more vivid and attractive. Using a narrow beam angle can make individual products stand out.

There are more tips and tricks on selecting the right products for your commercial lighting projects.

Contact us now and tell us about your commercial environment and lighting requirements, we can come up with stylish, creative yet economical solutions for your Shops and Retail projects. 

Commercial Building Lighting

Commercial buildings include many functional sections with considerably diverse lighting requirements. When selecting LED lighting products in commercial buildings, their characteristics, applications and functions must be considered.

BoscoLighting provides a wide variety of products that benefit across all rooms and zones. For buildings that primarily use LED lights, lower maintenance costs are expected. On top of low energy consumption, LED lights come with longer lifespans.

What's more, cost-effective LED products combined with intelligent control system can help reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

Serving all Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, via our wholesaler network, BoscoLighting can provide the LED products that create a sense of space and depth for your commercial lighting projects.

Contact BoscoLighting to create the wow factor for your commercial building. Our range of LED building lights can enhance your facilities and have a positive effect on commercial tenancy rentals.

Universities, Colleges, TAFEs & Schools

Somewhat consistent with the change occurring in the corporate environment, education facilities expect to have fit-for-purpose lighting that can emulate natural light, as it has a positive impact on student's health and learning process.

More and more architects and designers have begun to employ indirect lighting, the preferred alternatives to natural light, in their school lighting design scheme.

Indirect lighting has become the major trend. SEE OUR WHITE PAPER: Next Generation Lighting as the key to Learning Effectiveness and Workplace Efficiency. 

Designed to accommodate a variety of room sizes, ceiling heights and design settings, BoscoLighting’s educational lighting range covers all kinds of forms, with the added availability of custom design, where required.

For all your educational lighting requirements, BoscoLighting has you covered. Our quality commercial LED lights are perfect for classrooms, halls, parking decks, pathways and more.

With more and more technology in use in classrooms, correct lighting design is more and more important to ensure students can see properly and to prevent eye strain.

We also offer trailing edge, 0-10V, DALI and other intelligent lighting control systems to ensure that the classroom lighting can be adjusted as the light levels change throughout the day and to suit teaching requirements.

Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Supermarkets & Hotels

BoscoLighting specialises in providing commercial lighting solutions for Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels and other hospitality venues with a selection of stylish, modern and edgy lighting products.

Commercial cafe lighting solutions can add drama to space or provide a cozy, intimate environment to maximise customer experience.

Our commercial restaurant lighting provides sufficient light output and enhances features of dining spaces while creating a vibrant ambience for dining.

RGB colour changing lights can be easily used to create a unique theme and style. For this reason, they are frequently used as commercial bar lighting. When it comes to commercial hotel lighting, we can provide lighting for diverse events, help set the appropriate mood to create a luxurious or casual vibe.

Grocery store and supermarket lighting are recommended to adopt high CRI as it can bring out the natural colour of the fresh produce. Our commercial LED lights have CRI between 80% and 92%, which means the quality of the light produced is sure to illuminate as naturally as possible.

Having a lighting specialist define the appearance of lighting for a commercial situation is essential to avoid negative first impressions.

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Customised Commercial LED Lighting

BoscoLighting has completed a section of commercial lighting projects from the large educational facilities through to small boutique cafe. Check us out on the past commercial lighting projects on Gallery.

We can offer the most advanced, premium quality commercial lighting solutions that work for any business, large or small. We offer customisations including; fitting trim colours, dimming options, Correlated Colour Temperature, CRI and more.

Contact us now to speak with our lighting specialists with your custom LED light specifications. 

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