BoscoLighting LED ceiling light replaces up to 120W metal halide fitting


BoscoLighting LED ceiling light replaces up to 120W metal halide fitting


 by BoscoLighting Team on 18 November 2013


BoscoLighting Pty Ltd introduces a new range of LED ceiling lights suitable for replacing metal halide fittings up to 120W.

An excellent energy-saving light ideal for shoplighting applications, the new BoscoLighting BLFS-30T LED ceiling lights offer advantages such as 30W energy consumption with equivalent brightness of 120W metal halide, up to 75% savings on lighting bills, low heat production that reduces air conditioning requirement resulting in extra energy savings, and excellent ROI with 1-year payback on normal commercial lighting use.

BoscoLighting’s new range of LED ceiling lights features high quality COB LED chips, stabilising the performance and enhancing lifespan. CCT is optional in Cool White and Warm White.
The BLFS-30T LED ceiling lights are recommended for use in retail shops, offices, lobbies and commercial buildings, and come with a 3-year warranty.

BoscoLighting is a 100% Australian company that has partnered with a well-established and government-funded manufacturer in China. All LED products can also be custom designed to specific requirements.


Our company manufactures innovative LED lighting products for a range of applications, which encompass: Architectural, Commercial, Mining and Industrial.


Whatever the vision you have for your next project or creative state-of-the-art requirement, BoscoLighting can bring it to light, with the latest cutting edge solutions.
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