Retail and Shop Lighting

Our selected shop lights are designed to be used for retail applications, such as shopping centres, retail shops, clothing stores, supermarkets, automotive, bars and restaurants.

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Retail projects require efficient and well-designed lighting.

At BoscoLighting, we've been providing excellent services and premium quality products to electricians and interior designers for several years.

Comprising surface mounted lights, recessed downlights, track lights, pendant lights, linear extrusions and strip lights, our retail shop light range is commonly used for ambient lighting to ensure stores is well lit and noticed by customers.

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Enhance customer experience
Optimize store layout
Create a unique brand identity

Architects Favourite Lights for Retails & Shops

Scoop downlight for retail lighting

35W Scoop downlight

Retractable downlight for retails and shops

30W Retractable downlight

Narrow Trim Square Downlight for Shops

15W Narrow trim square downlight

Retail Shop Track Light

15W Track light

Surface Tilt Downlight for Stores

25W Surface tilt downlight

Suspended Linear Lights for Shops

Suspended linear lights 

Shopping Centres Lights

Our versatile shop lights pack a punch! Display products will stand out and look great with our bright and focused lighting installed.

Shoplights and High Output Downlights

A large space with high ceilings will require lots of powerful lights since they will be hung fairly high up and need to illuminate a large area. Here is a selection of our high ceiling lights. Find out more.

45W Rectangular adjustable shoplighter

45W Rectangular adjustable shoplighter

Twin recessed adjustable gimbal shoplights

24W Twin recessed gimbal shoplight

Anti-glare Directional downlight for shopping centre

40W Directional downlight

IP54 waterproof downlight for shops and stores

IP54 waterproof downlight

deep recessed LED downlight for retail shops

40W deep recessed LED downlight

50W LED white adjustable downlight for shopping warehouse

50W LED white adjustable downlight

Track Lights for Shop Display Lighting

Flexible track light system can be used for task lighting to achieve dramatic effects in window displays, featured product displays, store entrances or checkout areas. They are highly recommended for effective display lighting to draw attention and guide customers. Here is a selection of our retail shop track lights. Find out more.

 Wide Beam Track Light for Retail Shops

40W Wide beam track light

20W Black or white tracklight for shops

20W Black or white tracklight

Flood light look track light for automotive

30W Flood light look track light

Wide beam track light for retail stores

30W Wide beam track light

Honeycomb Tracklighting for shops

30W Honeycomb Track lights

30W Track light for windows display lighting

20W Track light

Linear Pendant Lighting for Shops

Our aluminum extrusion continuous line system in retail areas can efficiently illuminate the zones and ensure goods-oriented lighting without glare. Each retail shop project we work on is unique. We can work with you to develop tailor-made solutions that meet your varying needs. The linear pendant lighting come with various luminous flux packages and modular components. Here is a selection of our retail shop linear lights. Find out more.

Linear pendant light for cafes

Linear pendant light

wide linear pendant light for supermarket

Wide linear pendant light

tubular linear pendant light for countertop

Tubular linear pendant light

updown linear light for coffee shops

Updown linear pendant light

Slim linear pendant light for shops

Slim linear pendant light

30W Track light for windows display lighting

Deep set lens pendant lighting

Cafe Lighting

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the right lighting for a coffee shop. As LED Lighting Specialist, we will keep your project on budget and offer valuable advice about latest styles and functionality. 

Lights for Coffee Shops

Track lights can be easily re-positioned and adjusted in various directions without the need of rewiring. This allows flexible table arrangement in a cafe.  Here is a selection of our coffee shop track lights. Find out more. Other popular cafe lighting options are pendant lights, surface mounted downlights, recessed downlights and wall lights.

 architectural track light for cafe lighting

6W Black or white track light

10W Cylinder pendant light for cafe

Linear pendant light

D600mm Circular Pendant Light for countertop

D600mm Circular Pendant Light

15W AXIS Rotatable Surface Mounted Downlights for cafes

20W Surface mounted light

30W Black surface mounted light for cafe

30W Black linear light

BLWL-AALTO-05 indoor wall lights for cafe

5W indoor wall lights

Lights for Clothing Stores

BoscoLighting's shop lights series is a cost-effective communication tool to build retailer's brand identities and create an inviting atmosphere.

Lights for Fashion Boutique

Lighting can bring focus to merchandise displays, add warmth, and help create a positive shopping experience for your boutique's visitors.  Here is a selection of our clothing store lights. Find out more.

85mm cuttout downlight for clothing store lighting

15W Slim trim downlight

10W gimble downlight for clothing stores

10W Gimbal downlight

Low glare linear downlight for fashion stores

Low glare linear downlight

7W Under shelf task lighting

7W Under shelf task lighting

10W Adjustable surface downlight

10W Adjustable tracklight

6W pendant light for fashion shops

6W Cone shape pendant light

Bars & Restaurants Lights

The right lighting design can make your bars and restaurants cozy, vibrant or inviting. 

Lights for Bars & Restaurants

Linear strip lighting is a great option for bars and restaurants. It can beautifully brighten up your kitchens or cashier counters as general lighting, or add colorful lighting to coves, shelves, bars and storefront windows, creating enjoyable ambience. Dimmer or controller can be used to adjust brightness and intensity as you needs. Here is a selection of our lights. Find out more.

RGB colourful strip light for bars and restaurants
LED Strips

RGB strips

1.2m pendant light for countertop in bars and cafes

Outdoor Linear light

surface mounted linear strip light for bars and restaurants

Surface mounted linear extrusion

cornice profile lighting for bars and dinners

Cornice Profile

Cove Lighting for restaurants and bars

Vaulted Extrusion for Cove Lighting

Corner linear light for bars and restaurants

Corner linear light

Supermarket Lighting

The right supermarket lighting design can increase workspace functionality for staffs and create a comfortable shopping experience for customers. What's more, our high colour rendering index (>90) LED lights can improve the appearance of retail products by allowing colours to appear clearer while less energy consuming.

Lights for Grocery Stores

Pendants are the most commonly used lighting fixtures for grocery stores. We have an extensive range of pendant lights that can help you achieve the desired result. Check out our bay light range and linear pendant light range.

commercial bay light for lighting up supermarkets

60W High bay light

150W high power black bay light for warehouse and supermarket

150W Black high bay light 

affordable linear pendant light for supermarket

Pendant linear light

Large linear pendant light for supermarket lighting

Large linear light

updown panel light for supermarkets

48W Suspended updown panel

wall mounted wall washer light for supermarket

Wall mounted wall washer light

Retail Lighting Solutions

Retail lighting can provide much more than simple ambiance. Our custom lighting solutions help you add style and at the same time save money.

BoscoLighting can help you every step of the way.

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