Medical Lighting

Lighting products for Medical Applications including Dental Surgeries, Veterinary Clinics and Medical Practices.


Medical Lighting Products

BoscoLighting is pleased to offer a range of products perfectly suited to the lighting requirements of Dental Surgeries, Veterinary Clinics, Medical Practices, Optometrists and many other health facilities.

We offer innovative solutions for medical facilities that combine the latest in LED technology with stylish design.

Designed to last for many years without maintenance, our lights can also be easily cleaned while still on as they are cool to touch and sealed against moisture, meaning reduced risk of outbreaks and reduced cleaning costs.

Our lights are also flicker free and reduce the glare often associated with LED lighting. We will ensure your practice looks perfect with our lights, increasing patronage and patient respect.

With products including recessed ceiling lights, down lights, panel lights, wall mounted lights and suspended lights, our wide range of lights will make your practice stand out as unique and interesting while saving you money!

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Whatever the vision you have for your next project or creative state-of-the-art requirement, BoscoLighting can bring it to light, with the latest cutting edge solutions.
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