Darth Deep Recessed Downlights

BoscoLighting DARTH Series Downlights feature a deep recessed design that keeps the light source further up in the ceiling, which creates comfortable lighting for a wide variety of interiors.

Common downlights are equipped with white or silver reflectors that are too conventional.  DARTH series is made up of a glossy black reflector that significantly reduces glare and improves lighting comfort atmosphere.  Its white trim provides an aesthetic design to match different ceiling colours and to highlight the light fitting as well. 

Both round and square DARTH downlights can be used for general lighting in areas such as hallway, bedroom, living room, museums, galleries, display spaces, offices and more with four different beam angles to choose from depending on the application.  The only thing that the square DARTH aparts from the round version is that it is capable of highlighting areas with its tilting capability to provide lighting focus when needed.

Its IP44 rating provides durability and protection against solid objects and water splashing, making it particularly suitable for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens as well.


  • Round (fixed) and square (adjustable) options.

  • Wide range of sizes and wattages.

  • LED colour temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5700K

  • Options of dimming: non-dim, trailing edge, 0-10V, DALI

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Darth Round Recessed Downlight

Round Fixed Downlights

When installed, light appears to emanate from the deep recessed reflector which reduces glare. It is perfect for all kinds of interior design styles.




Square Adjustable Downlights

Designed with a 25-degree tilt, this square downlight is suitable for a sloped or vaulted ceiling.




Darth Square Tiltable Downlight

BoscoLighting LED Downlights