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Thinking of renovating or redecorating bathroom? Bathroom lighting often gets neglected. Well-designed lighting will not only enhance a space and create a luxury feel, but it will also make the bathroom shine and increase its value.

Effective bathroom lighting will give enough light to perform daily personal hygiene, and carry out activities such as hair styling, applying makeup, brushing teeth, shaving as well as illuminating the entire space.

It requires special attention and great care choosing bathroom lighting as there are strict rules and regulations (AS/NZS3000) for installing bathroom lights in Australia and New Zealand.

With a varied choice of bathroom downlights, bathroom wall lights, bathroom spotlights and bathroom vanity lights, we can assist you through the product selection process.

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Australian Bathrooms Lighting Requirements Zone Diagram

Australian bathrooms lighting requirements, regulations

When water is near electricity, we generally admit it’s potentially dangerous. Zones are split up to define areas with precise measurements to keep people safe. Each zone has its own rules on what can and cannot be installed. It is important to understand the rating by which bathroom lights are classifiedcheck IP rating details. 

Zone 0 anywhere inside the bath or shower. Any lights used in this zone must be low voltage, (max 12v) and be completely immersion proof. Lights designed for showers must be carefully fitted according to the instructions.

Zone 1 requires a minimum of IP45, but it is generally accepted that IP65 fitting is to be used.

Zone 2 IP44 rated fittings are required when located inside the area.

Outside Zones are anywhere outside zones 0,1 and 2. There are no special IP requirements in this zone. However, we suggest using a light with an IP rating of at least IP20. 

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

The process of choosing bathroom overhead lighting can be overwhelming. Bathroom downlights are an excellent choice for brightening the shower, tub and sink areas.

There are two types of downlights commonly used for bathroom lighting.

Zone 1  Bathroom Downlights

The recommended bathroom lights in this area are IP65 downlights. With protect against low-pressure jets of water from the shower, IP65 recessed downlights can be used above shower cabins and bathtubs. The most popular IP65 waterproof downlights are: Poseidon (recessed), Amphitrite(recessed), Ariel(recessed) and Yuka (surface mounted) downlights. 

Zone 2 Bathroom Downlights

IP44 rated are designed for use in bathrooms and other environments where water spray is a risk. We supply a wide range of IP44 downlights, check our full downlight range for inspiration.

There is no need to use IP rated fittings in Outside Zones. However, if there is any chance of a direct water jet being used for cleaning purposes in zones, an IP 65 rated fitting must be used.

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Bathroom Wall Lights

No matter the size of the bathroom, multiple light sources will always enhance the design. Wall-mounted light fixtures are a popular choice for bathroom vanities. Consider adding bathroom wall lights to your bathroom projects as they can add dimension to the room and eliminate unwanted shadows that cast by overhead lights. We have a wide variety of modern bathroom wall lights in different styles, colours and sizes, check the full range.

Bathroom Strip Lights

IP65/IP68 waterproof strip lights are widely used to to create mysterious glowing light virtually anywhere. Housed in extrusion profiles, they can be built into mirrors, cabinets, vanities, shelves or ceilings!

It emphasises architectural form or structure, and it adds mystery and depth, especially to small spaces. 

Use single colour or RGB strip lights to splash colour around, adding a sense of style and creating a completely different look.They will give your bathroom the luxe-feel it deserves.

Bathroom Strip Lights are recommended to be installed in extrusions for longer lifespan.

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Transform a bathroom into a relaxing, functional refuge with light.

Overall, bathroom downlights remain the go-to light source for modern bathrooms, but there is a growing preference for bathroom vanity wall lights also to be integrated. For alternatives to bathroom sconces, consider strips and extrusions. 

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