VIVID 2018 Lighting Installation | 25 MAY - 16 JUN

Artists: ANL Design- Anson Li and Lawrence Liang

Make sure you come visit our latest collaboration with ANL Design in VIVID Sydney 2018! 

Closer is a critique on human relationships and social connection in the digital media age. The installation is a translucent light maze filled with mesmerizing LEDs; all of which was kindly donated by BoscoLighting. Upon traversing through the maze to its final section, visitors arrive at the inner sanctum.

A large opening capped with a square pyramid with reflective walls. The atmosphere is one of a lively gathering place in juxtaposition of the isolated and alien environment of the previous corridors. The event goers see reflections of themselves and those around them, which reminds them about the importance of the relationships we form with those around us and how irreplaceable they are in times of need.

It features a series of 30 modules, 1.5 metres in length orientated in a 5 by 6 grid. Each module is constructed from 1.5 m by 2.2m timber frames that sandwich a translucent polypropylene canvas. The grid is orientated in a maze-like fashion with the outer corridors leading to a central inner sanctum. The other corridors discombobulate and create a sense of seclusion by projecting the audience into an unfamiliar alien environment. The translucency of the polypropylene allows event goers to see shadowy silhouettes and movement of other individuals through the walls.  

The installation hopes to relay to visitors that genuine human contact cannot be conducted through screens and being notified of another’s activities is not a replacement for physical connection. The project finds its interactivity with the maze being fully immersive and walkable. As ANL Design wanted complete control over the design and production phase of the project; every piece of timber is measured, cut and screwed by the team. As this year’s Vivid Light Festival was also ANL Designs first major public installation the sponsorship process was difficult to get used to, however Bosco Lighting made sourcing the lighting which was a quintessential part of the installation extremely easy and gave ANL Design key industry connections to set up the programming. Over the whole process, one thing to take away was that in every project there are always going to be obstacles, the best way to solve them is to step back, re-evaluate your options and progress forward with a positive attitude.

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