Track System

For Retail, Commercial and Industrial applications

Light Tracks

These professional and high-quality light tracks are designed to accommodate BoscoLighting’s track light range. The track is made from high quality aluminium and is available in silver, white and black finishes.

With various mounting options including surface mounting, recessed and suspension, our tracks are supplied with the Dead and Live Ends to ensure the installation could not be easier*.

Ideal for applications where spotlights may need frequent adjustment including retail stores, art galleries, and open plan offices.

We also offer all kind of joiners for expanding the track system. The joiners allow you to turn corners, increase the length, add a branch or spread the track out in different directions.

Standard length: 1m includes the Dead and Live Ends.

* Electrician required for track installation.


Single Circuit Track (2 lines)


Size (mm): 1000*35*21

Single Circuit Track (3 lines)


Size (mm): 1000*34*18

Three Circuit Track (4 lines)


Size (mm): 1000*33*35

Three Circuit Track (4 lines) -Recessed


Size (mm): 1000*56*35

DALI Track (6 lines) 


Size (mm): 1000*35.2*35.5

Recessed DALI Track (6 lines) 


Size (mm): 1000*56*35.5


Easy installation

Supplied with the Dead End

and Live End

A variety of joiners available

to make longer lengths

Available in White, Black

and Silver finishes

Track Accessories

We supply a wide range of connectors for our tracks. Those can increase the flexibility and creativity of the track systems and allows various forms to be composed that suit just about any application.

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