Bushfire relief: How you can help those in need 

Supporting Australia

Like all Australians, we’re devastated to see the impact of the bushfire crisis currently gripping the country. It is heartbreaking to see how many communities, and wildlife have been affected by the fires. During this hard time let's support each other, raise awareness and help in any way we can.

As an Australian company, we felt compelled to support those communities in crisis.

We will be donating 10% of profits in the 2 fiscal quarters (Jan - Jun 2020) to the Red Cross.

There are many wonderful charities helping in this crisis and we encourage you to be generous to some of these we have listed:

The Red Cross

The Salvation Army Australia

WIRES Wildlife Rescue

WWF Australia


St Vincent de Paul Bushfire Appeal

NSW Rural Fire Service

Country Fire Authority Victoria

SA Country Fire Service

Wildlife Victoria

What's more, please spread the word and ensure the people or organisations in the bushfire-affected areas know they can go to GIVIT to request donated goods and products.

Stay safe and stay strong Australia! 


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