LED Downlight Accessories

Minimal. Trimless. Flush Mounting


TecLite Plaster Kits

A downlight accessory for trimless flush installation of compatible downlights for modern minimalist lighting.

This unique system allows for the replacement of older style halogen, incandescent and other larger lights with smaller modern energy efficient LEDs with minimal mess.

A clever design allows for baseplates to suit different installations with screw-in inserts to suit different types of fittings.

Base plates are currently available for 110-150mm round holes and 180mm x 90mm rectangular holes (for twin and triple halogen fitting replacements) with inserts currently available for trimless installation of the BLDL-WAJ2-12, BLDL-WAH2-10 and for plaster hole resizing (not trimless) to suit lights requiring cutouts 74, 84, 94, 104mm or to patch a hole.

Plaster Hole Resize Kit

With our LED Hole Resizer, you can quickly and efficiently reduce a hole size from 110-150mm down to suit LED lights from any brand with common size cutout requirements of 74, 84, 94 or 104mm.

No longer do you need to cut out large sections of ceilings and patch with timber and plaster, now you can resize a hole in around 10 minutes, creating a hard plastic edge for downlights to hold onto an hour later (depending on climate, we recommend longer to allow plaster to properly dry).

This product also allows a hole to be patched in a few minutes, so it is easier than ever to create an access hole for difficult cabling in between floors or in walls. 

resizing installation guide
WAJ2 Flush Mount Kit before and after
Flush Mount Trimless

Today, office interiors, shopping centres, hotel lobbies and luxury homes are using trimless recessed lighting to create pure and uncensored lighting. Trimless lighting is the ultimate in modern and luxurious lighting, perfect for sleek lines and smooth edges. Best suited for rooms with minimalist design features, it can also be very practical for places where you don’t want the attention diverted to bumps on the ceiling.

Flush Mount Kit enables downlights to be installed flush with the ceiling, providing truly trimless elegant finish. Now available at prices for the mass market, our system also prevents brand lock in, so you will never regret your purchase.

Available Products


Flush Mount Kit (plus compatible downlight) 

WAJ2 Flush mount kit allows WAJ2 slim trim downlight to be installed into plaster ceilings flush with the ceiling and without protrusion. Can be installed into holes sized 110-150mm. Requires BLDL-WAJ2-12 downlight

BLTK-WAH2-10 + WAH2 Dowlights

Flush Mount Kit (plus compatible downlight) 

WAH2 Flush mount kit allows WAH2 to be installed into plaster ceilings flush with the ceiling and without protrusion. Can be installed into holes sized 110-150mm.
Requires WAH2 downlights(7W, 10W, 15W)


Plaster Hole Resize Kit/Downlight Ceiling Hole Repair Kit

Plaster Hole Resize Kit allows holes in plaster ceilings to be resized down from 120-150mm to 74, 84, 94, 104mm or to plug a hole completely. 


(Coming soon)

Flush Mount Kit

Oversize Plaster Hole Resize Kit to resize holes from 220mm to 160mm for BLDL-GIT-40.

Upgrade your lighting with BoscoLighting Trimless Kits

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