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New Surface Mounted Lights

Tiltable Surface Mounted Downlights

BoscoLighting releases new surface mounted downlights featuring tiltable design, which are perfect alternatives to recessed downlights or for installations where a hole cannot be recessed.

These new Surface Mounted Downlights offer an eye-catching stylish design, flexibility and durability with its built-in aluminium alloy housing.  They can be adjusted 355-degree rotation and 80-degree tilt.  Perfect for almost any ceiling design and still achieve the required light output and projection. They are provided with everything required to make sure a simple and hassle-free installation.

These lights also offer a very high colour rendering index (CRI92) to match extreme colour accuracy requirements and offer in white or black trim and several reflector options to match or aesthetically complement ceiling colour and style.  

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  • Sleek modern downlight
  • Black or White finish
  • Tiltable lamp head great for raked ceilings
  • Surface Mounted, very easy to install.
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12W surface mounted tiltable downlights

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12W tiltable downlight surface mounted