Presenting Value in a Falling Market

Interior Design in a Falling Market

In this falling property market, it will become increasingly important for homes to stand out from the crowd, with sale prices and clearance rates dropping and even rental prices affected by oversupply.

With new evidence of an increased number of properties on the market and more spending longer on the market too than in recent years, prices are sure to drop unless there is the perception of increased value.

Increasing perceived value can be expensive, new patios, bathrooms or kitchens can cost a lot with a small return on investment if not done properly, so it is key that any work performed stands out and shows the buyer that the home is of better value than similar properties.

High quality lighting is one of the best tools architects and developers have to increase the perceived value of a home. Speaking of under lit areas, real estate guru Robert Irwin:

"Not only will they keep you from getting a quick sale, but they will also cut down on the amount of money you'll get in offers. On the other hand, if you lighten up these dark spots, you can very quickly improve the value of your property."

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We can see that good lighting can improve the sale value, it can also help other more expensive features such as kitchens and bathrooms stand out. In a difficult market, this can result in a shorter time on the market.

Good lighting includes a suitable mix of ambient, accent and task lighting, in other words, a few downlights won’t cut it. Using LED profiles under benches, track lights to accent walls and features and pendants for task lighting can be simple ways to create a unique space which resonates with the buyer and gain their emotional attachment.

Bronwyn Poole of Touch Interiors speaking of lighting, “Many designers would go so far as to say it is the most important factor in interior design.”

“A home that sparkles always sells for a higher price”

Of course, it can be very easy to spend more than budgets allow, decreasing return on investment or increasing the required sale value - it is essential to get the balance between product quality and price.

BoscoLighting has always had the view that good lighting can make the world of difference, but that it shouldn’t cost the earth.

This means we design our lights with a focus on style, affordability and eco-friendliness and we back it up with top level service.

BoscoLighting has over 600 products with a particular focus on Aluminium Extrusions (Profiles), Track Lights and Down Lights. We pride ourselves on our customer service, which means we work with developers, developers, wholesalers through to installers to ensure our products are delivered on time and projects stay on budget.

Contact BoscoLighting today, we can assist with lighting calculations, technical details, product selection and samples - we are here to help!

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