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Do you know why more and more people are choosing DALI Track Lighting?

by BoscoLighting Team on 18 October 2017

  • It is a digital system that allows for individual control of lights without individual wiring, two lights can be off, four at half dim and three on full, all on the one track!
  • It allows extensive and absolute lighting control and it is scalable.
  • It can be configured and reconfigured, bringing new possibilities to the installation as site requirements change.
  • It can save a significant amount of energy and lower maintenance costs, which is especially beneficial to large energy users like cafe's and restaurant, corporate headquarters or even a school campus. 
  • DALI dimming can help meet energy density requirements under the BCA with a 0.85 factoring applied, allowing more lights in an area while still meeting the code.
BoscoLighting DALI Track Lights

BoscoLighting DALI Track Light and Track System are now available!

Similar to regular 4 pole tracks but with an additional 2 control wires, track lights can now be individually dimmed* with DALI programmatic control to the perfect lighting levels.

Available in recessed, surface mounted and suspended track versions, installation can be very easy with your existing or planned DALI lighting design.

Available in a 1-metre standard length with White, Black and Silver finishes and supplied with a variety of joiners to make longer lengths and angled connections.

For more information on our new DALI Track Lights and Track Lighting Solutions, please call 02 9188 3470 for a personalised consultation.

*some features may be limited by DALI control system and/or system setup. see your DALI integrator for more information

Benefits and features:
  • Adjustable track lighting system for ever changing lighting requirements.
  • Three circuits for group control.
  • Available in recessed, mounted and suspended versions.
  • Simplifies changes to lighting layout.
  • Manufactured with high-grade aluminium
Applicable situations:
  • Retail shops
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Cafes and hospitality projects
  • Supermarkets
  • Commercial and residential projects
  • Art Galleries and Museums
  • Wine Cellars

Our DALI controlled LED track lights are available through the leading electrical wholesalers across Australia.

For more information on our new DALI Track Lights and Track Lighting Solutions, please call 02 9188 3470 for a personalised consultation. 

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LED DALI Track Lights

Manufactured with high-quality aluminium, meticulous quality controlled assembly and ingenuity, these DALI track lights are perfectly suitable for your DALI track systems.

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