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Module Batten Lights for Car Parks

by BoscoLighting Team on 01 June 2018

Whether replacing or installing new lights to illuminate a car park, definitely you will need a light fitting which is sturdy, cost-effective, efficient, low maintenance and eco-friendly.  
BoscoLighting introduces our LED module battens best for this kind of application.
Our LED module battens can be integrated with microwave sensor that allows users to save more energy and reduce electricity bill.
BoscoLighting’s LED module battens deliver an output of 1900 and 3,800 lumens in Cool White (CCT) (20W and 40W) with 120° viewing angle allowing the light beam to be delivered to the right position.
Unlike conventional fluorescent light tubes with 2200 lumens and 360° viewing angle which wastes up to half of the light beam. Our LED module battens can also last up to 35,000 operating hours compared to 9,000 operating hours of fluorescent light tubes. Rated at IP65, our LED module battens perform well against dust, dirt and moisture.
With integrated microwave sensor installed, it simplifies the operation and making it more efficient by maintaining half brightness to save energy in the absence of any activity, only switching onto full brightness when objects such as people or vehicles are detected by the sensor, bearing in mind as well for additional safety and security to the parking area. Our LED module battens can also be installed with various dimming options, including 0~10 V, TRIAC, C BUS and DALI dimming.

Choose durable, low maintenance, weather-proof LED batten lights to guarantee long-term usage in car parks. 
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