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by BoscoLighting Team on 02 July 2019

For most architectural lighting, effective methods of glare control and prevention are essential to good lighting practices. Glare has been documented to induce headaches and other unpleasant side effects and you’ll no doubt have seen installations like that.

'A honeycomb louvre is an effective way of removing spill light without significantly compromising the illumination levels below the luminaire.'

Leading the way in low-glare luminaire design, BoscoLighting is introducing the honeycomb louvre series which is specifically designed to reduce glare and provide a more comfortable and intimate light in commercial or residential applications.

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Homeycomb Track Lights and Downlights



Leading the way in low-glare luminaire design, ME309 Honeycomb track light can eliminate the stray light and evenly spread the illumination. Perfect for retail shops and art galleries.


The honeycomb louvre track light helps create a more subtle, softer light, eliminating the stray light that might irritate customers eyes. Twist and click, the 30W track light is designed to be quickly installed in Australian Standard Tracks of 2, 3 or 4 wires (Single or Multiple Circuits). 


The 20W gimbal downlight features a honeycomb filter that has been proven to lower glare, increasing visual comfort. With a 25 degree gimble, it is perfect for positioning light where desired. This light is supplied with everything required for a simple, hassle-free installation. 

Anti-glare LED Lights

Luminaire design to reduce glare