Square Ultra-thin Downlights

Low Profile LED Downlights

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UTS Series LED Downlight

BoscoLighting's UTS Ultra-thin Square Downlight is made to recess into ceilings without worrying about what it might affect above.

Only at 25mm thick it can be placed under air-conditioning ducts, cabling and pipes or in very narrow ceiling spaces.

The usual lighting issues such as a low ceiling gap, insulation preventing heat dissipation and other items taking up too much space are not an issue with the Ultra-thin lights as they are only 25 mm high making them the thinnest recessed LED but still an extraordinary level of brightness.

The Ultra-Thin Light is suitable for use in tough situations such as low ceilings, air conditioning ducts above light holes, pipes and cables that take up a lot of space.
The 18W version is recommended to replace the brightness from fluorescent tube, the replacement will give a fresh feeling in offices, lobbies, reception areas and anywhere else that bright lighting is required.

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LED Downlight Features

  • Range from 3W to 24W, applicable from stair walls to conference rooms
  • Optional in Warm White, Neutral White, Cool White (3000K/4000K/6000K)
  • Low heat generated, optional in dimming compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • LED Driver Included
  • Supplied with Flex & Plug

Ultra-thin Square Downlight Range


3W LED Downlight


Cutout 70*70


6W LED Downlight


Cutout 105*105


9W LED Downlight.


Cutout 125*125


12W LED Downlight


Cutout 155*155


18W LED Downlight


Cutout 205*205


24W LED Downlight


Cutout 275*275