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Australia’s go-to LED Manufacturer, BoscoLighting, focuses on beautifying and illuminating a variety of exteriors and interiors with their products. These encompass private and public commercial buildings, streetscapes, landscapes and much more.

BoscoLighting is a customer-centric business that concentrates on all business requests from design through to commissioning to optimize the outcome of your project. 

Close involvement with the design phases in cooperation with contractors and other stakeholders right through from implementation to completion of your project. Easily accessible to our wide array of customers, our products can be sourced from all major electrical wholesalers, while also being available from many independent electrical businesses. Additionally, BoscoLighting’s range, including customised solutions are available from Australia’s major electrical wholesalers, meaning no need to establish new accounts to access their range.

BoscoLighting is able to assist local government in meeting their CAPEX, OPEX and Green targets, ensuring quality results for less outlay. Being a manufacturer and not just an importer means BoscoLighting has great control over the quality and pricing of our products, resulting in the highest value for our clients. BoscoLighting manufacturers their products to suit commercial usage, with long hours and peak performance a given. Additionally, they design their products to be easily recycled at the end of their lifespan.

BoscoLighting is available to discuss your projects and ideas, call us on 02 9188 3470 for your next lighting projects.

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Customer benefits from BoscoLighting include -

  • High-quality product manufacturer – not just an importer!!

  • Customer-centric philosophy with tailored solutions.

  • Full compliance with regulation, resulting in passing the benefits of rigorous quality and pricing controls to our consumers.

  • Lower prices, high-value and long-lasting products equate to long-term savings for our customers.

  • Focused on commercial rather than domestic use, our product designs cope with the long hours required by large public and commercial facilities.

  • Convenient and easy recycling advantages at the end of our product lifespan.