LED Lights Mean Safety & Cost Savings for Mines

BoscoLighting's Free Mining Whitepaper


BoscoLighting's Mining Whitepaper


 by BoscoLighting Team on 20 October 2015


After decades of Australia being at the forefront of mining prosperity, the mining sector is now vulnerable to rising production costs, volatile commodity prices, and a significant reduction in investment activity.

Companies are therefore under continuous financial pressure – forced to optimise operational efficiencies while reining in expenditure and adhering to the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act. However, sourcing quality, safety compliant, durable and reliable equipment while adhering to budgetary requirements can be difficult.

With lighting largely being a fixed cost, it is important to reduce its cost to ensure mines are less costly to operate.

Customised LED lighting solutions are well suited for high intensity use in tough conditions due to their durability, safety, long life, instant response and standard compliance.

This free whitepaper discusses how energy saving LED lights and solutions from BoscoLighting can help businesses improve workplace safety and achieve cost-efficiencies.


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